Energy that doesn’t cost the earth is available now and can save you up to 40% on your heating bills

How does that sound?

Oil fired central heating, storage heaters and LPG can easily be replaced with, or complemented by, an air source heat pump system for low cost electricity.

If you are planning to renovate your home, or having a new home built, a renewable energy supply is the ideal choice if you are energy and cost conscious – especially if there is no mains gas.

What’s more, you can achieve the ultimate eco effect and opt for solar with air source heat pump systems combined.  The systems we supply are fully compatible.

“For our complex installation of solar PV, solar thermal and air source heat pump systems, Platinum Energy Solutions have exceeded even our expectations – we recommend Platinum unreservedly.”

Easy payments and rewards

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a Government incentive for generating heat from renewable sources.

The RHI is administered by OFGEM who make the payments with money from the Treasury.

You get rewarded for choosing renewable energy to heat your home.

Join the scheme and you receive a quarterly payment for every unit (kWh) of renewable energy you produce – for 7 years.

Less in, more out

For every 1kWh your system uses you get up to 4kWh out. Up to 4 times more efficient than fossil fuel heat sources, you won’t need every kWh your system generates. But the spare energy won’t go to waste. It will be taken into the public supply, the National Grid, and you will get paid for it. The price is set for 20 years when your system is installed.

“Platinum advised what would be best for us. Now, we are 20% better off than predicted.”

How much can you save?

Call today and we will calculate the actual income you will make.

The Renewable Heat Incentive may also help with installation costs. Ask us for details – we will advise the best solution for you.

Easy to control

Thanks to a remote control unit it’s easily controlled. You can adjust the heating from your armchair – or anywhere in the world.

A free app controls your heating via your phone, tablet or PC.

Long term low cost heating

If you want to take advantage of an all renewable energy supply while helping the environment: yes. You’ll get more energy for less this year and for years to come.

Savings are even greater if you are switching from LPG or oil – by up to 50%.

Using a heat pump will reduce your dependence on fossil fuel heat sources and, cut your carbon footprint.

Is heat pump technology right for you?

Find out how much a heat pump could save in your home.

Ask for a cost comparison. Call today.