How free heat from the sun will give you hot water

If you are looking for a cheaper water heating system, a solar thermal system could be the ideal solution.

Because solar thermal systems are a low-cost, environmentally friendly option for domestic and commercial hot water supplies, they have proved highly popular with many of our customers.

Why customers choose solar thermal systems

  • Reduced energy bills
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Fits easily into a smaller sized roof space
  • Produces hot water all year round
  • They work well with other renewable energy systems such as air source heat pumps.

An added benefit is the support the Government provides.

Renewable energy

Your reward for heating your own water

Through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), you are rewarded with a quarterly payment for every unit (kWh) of renewable heat you produce. You will receive these payments for 7 years.

Let us help make the RHI application process easy for you: we will complete the paperwork.

“We highly recommend Platinum Energy Solutions”

Customers have enjoyed a handsome return for their investment in solar thermal technology.

Free hot water when the installation has been paid for

If you are keen to reduce your reliance on fossil fuelled energy, yet have little space on your property for a large solar energy installation, a solar thermal system for producing hot water could be the answer.

The system uses collectors, pipes that transfer the heat and a hot water storage cylinder to convert daylight energy into hot water.


The solar thermal products we supply are built to last:

  • Solar collectors are guaranteed for 20 years
  • Hot water cylinders – 25 years
  • Vacuum tubes are guaranteed for 20 years.
  • Minimal maintenance required.

Solar thermal technology uses the warmth of the sun to heat your water – providing an abundant supply of piping hot water all year round.

When the cost of hot water is a constant drain on your budget you know it’s time to opt for a solar water heating system.

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Let us calculate how much you stand to gain.

You could be enjoying lower energy bills sooner than you’d think